Another site has gone

Another site that I use to go to every day has now gone missing. It went by the name Lock, Stock and History, with the address of:

It is a shame as it was one of my favorite. I hope he makes a come back.

I just got an update that he is still alive and well but just moved. His new site is:

If you have not gone to his site in the past check it out. It is a great place to spend a couple of hours looking at some great history.

9 comments to Another site has gone

  • Chris Brosnahan

    Thanx for the tip and link…first I’ve heard of this site…as a figure/military miniature painter this is an excellent resource for medieval & Renaissance armies and weapons…

  • Dan E

    the amount of data rot on the recent internet terrifies me. often find websites i used to find information at gone. hopefully better archiving in the near future, it’s like watching a library burn.

    • Chuck

      This is very true about his site. I have no idea where he gets his stuff from but I always find something interesting there when I go.

    • Martin

      FWIW. Last year a site that is often referenced on gun forums disappeared.

      Short version is the guy passed away and when the payment for the site was due nobody paid it as his family was enstranged. A member at a forum I belong to contacted the website provider and made a payment to keep it up.

      Then he did the work(longer story) to acquire ownership of the site and the sites contents.

  • Chris Brosnahan

    AMEN, Chuck to your comment, re: ‘The burning of a library….excellent site…I first learned of the Landesknechts when I purchased a 77 mm figure from Series 77 back in late 1974…then bought the Osprey Men-at-Arms book on the subject…

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