Working on the Fab shop

I have spent the last 3 weekend getting ready for a new water line to the fab shop. My limit for digging is only a couple of hours. When you look at the size of the rocks you will understand why.

IMG_3605sJust pebbles.



IMG_3606sThe conduit as it came out from under the slab at the fab shop.

IMG_3609sAll the conduit laid in the trench

IMG_3652sThe pex pipe pulled through the conduit.

IMG_3654sThe high tech compacting tool and the trench filled in.

IMG_3674sHooked up at the water source

IMG_3675sHooked up at the fab shop.

IMG_3676sThe only thing left to is seal the ends of the pipe.

4 comments to Working on the Fab shop

  • Rick Saunders

    Here in the Northeast you would need to go down below the frost line to about 48″ or there would be no water once it froze (and split the pipe/tube).
    I enjoy the slow but steady progress and with all of your machinery updates.
    Be well.

  • Gee Chuck, where are those illegal aliens when you need them?

  • JB (the other one)

    Where is the back hoe?

    • Chuck

      One of the hoses went out on it and being that it is a ford I have to pull off the back end to get at the hoses. When it cools down I will be back at work on it. I made a number of special tools to see if I can remove the hoses with out the excessive amount of tear down.

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