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  • Wilhelm

    It looks a lot like a bolt for a lever action model 88 Winchester. The firing pin and locking lugs look the same but not the cuts in the bottom of the bolt and the 88 does not have double ejectors. So I would guess the bolt for the automatic model 100 Winchester, though I have not seen one to compare it too.

  • JB

    I must admit that, upon seeing this bolt and carrier, my first train of thought was “automatic/semiautomatic bolt & carrier from a long recoil action”. That was based on the fact that I could not see any means by which it was unlocked, direct impingement or piston etc.

    Though I was stumped as to what it was from, I had a strong feeling I had seen the carrier & tri-lug bolt with dual ejectors before.

    Having done a good amount of research on the 358win I cannot rule out having seen a Winchester model 100 bolt before. Duel ejectors ain’t that common.

    My copy of Brownell’s Encyclopedia of Modern Firearms Parts & Assembly is my only tangible link. It covers Winchester model 88 disassembly/reassembly. I was most likely confusing it with that.

    Chuck keeping it fresh with non combat arms: I like it!

    • Chuck

      I happen to like all types of small arms. From military to sporting and single shot to full auto. Even cannons, tanks,aircraft and ships. I am glade you enjoyed it.

  • Winchester had an interesting crew working on this design including Dr. Karl Maier and Stefan K. Janson. Most will recognize Janson as the father of the British EM2 bullpup, and while at Mauser, Maier performed most of the calculations allowing for the roller delayed blowback system of the StG45.

  • JB

    Fast response!

    Thanks for the information and patent link.

    I had no knowledge of the Salvo Rifle, until you referenced it.

    Salvo Rifle: just as unconventional as the other small arms Jansons worked on, he certainly was interested in trying what others had not.

    Possible explains the dual ejectors on the model 100.

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