Weekend up date 3-30-15

Well the weekend is over and the library is dome. We went through all the boxes, except gun magazines, and have found a place for most of them. What a long day. Here are the pictures of the results.

Sheet metal and Naval manuals.


DSC_4683swelding and machining

DSC_4681sfoundry, blacksmithing and knife making.

DSC_4682swood working and building

DSC_4679sMagazine storage

DSC_4678sNow to start locating all the other books and putting them up. At least the wood shop is back.


DSC_4676sStill need to finish the wall. Next weekend.

3 comments to Weekend up date 3-30-15

  • Storm

    With so many quality and useful books (put all in one basket:-),
    maybe some fire protection should be considered also.

    • Chuck

      I live in what was the middle of nowhere. When I first moved out here the power could go out for 7 to 10 days after a storm. Now the city has moved out here as well, however no city water or sewer. A fire protection system would be nice but the 12,000 or so necessary to implement it plus all the permits I would need now for it makes it not in the plans.

  • Storm

    Ok, I hope you would never ever had any of said problems.

    As for books, it is said “what fires do not destroy, water will” so with them some kind of fireproof cabinet would be the best probably, if you have some pretty rare (today) or valuable books (which are not digitalized, since its the best backup option :-)

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