Weekend trip part 3, looking at gun rooms

While on the trip I wanted to look and photograph a few guns for up coming posts. The owners were nice enough to let me take pictures of their gun room and post them.  No address or names but some interesting weapons. I enjoy looking at gun rooms from the smallest to the largest. Some times it is not the guns but the rooms that are interesting and some time it is just about the guns. This first post is a room of a guy that likes everything and it is from him that I was able to borrow the rifles that I will be posting about next week. However, I think there will be a lot more interesting pictures and information coming from here.

This what you see walking into the room last the vault door.

DSC_4334sAs you look around the room you can something of interest in every corner.

DSC_4335sHeck of an original poster collection as well


DSC_4338sInto stainless.

DSC_4337sWho has 3 drillings

DSC_4344sShoulder stocked pistol that are all correct, nice set.


And books in every corner. More research to be do here.

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