The new Library Part 1

Step one of this whole process was to build a new store room so I could move and organize the old store room which would then be part of the new library building, confused yet I am.

The old store room was a disaster and something need to be done.


IMG_4199sA slab was put down.

IMG_4114s Then the framing was started.


IMG_4148sAnd finished.

IMG_4204sPrior to stucco the building was coated with a water proof membrane.



The electric was added for lighting.

IMG_4218sA final coating was completed.


Then the racks installed and everything gone through and moved over.

IMG_4227s  Here is a short video clip.


1 comment to The new Library Part 1

  • Storm

    If you have some very rare or valuable books put them in some fireproof storage.

    These here all in this addition to the house look like easily exposed to some outer outside elements. maybe better for books to be “hidden” somewhere inside, in the middle, of house.

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