The Mauser project at Gun Lab

It has been a  while since my last post ,but as always we have been busy. About 4 weeks ago I obtain a large number of old rusty Mauser rifles, mostly from China but a number of European ones as well. It took two weekends to pick them all up.

How they were stored.


The first load.

IMG_1621sAfter Axel started removing them from the truck and taking a break.

IMG_1622sThe second load that was in the truck, I forgot to take a picture of the trailer.


We, meaning Axel, have been separating them out to different grades and countries of origin. It has been a ton of work to do this.

IMG_2291sThere are actually twice this number.

I have a few pictures of some of the interesting markings.

Mauser 98 Spandau 1890s



IMG_2297sEven a few GEW 98s

IMG_1700sAfter cleaning one of the GEW 98



There were even Mexican Mauser rifles


A few of them we cleaned up using vinegar to check out the condition of the receivers.


IMG_2301sThe bottom rifle was just soaked in oil and not vinegar to show the difference.

There is still a great deal of work left to do. A number of these will be for gunsmithing projects in the future.

12 comments to The Mauser project at Gun Lab

  • Mac

    Wow you got a pile of Mauser’s!

  • K.T. Locke

    All full length rifles, or are there carbines mixed in? (I know technically ALL KAR98K Mausers are “Carbines” but I mean Artillery/Cavalry carbines)

  • Colin

    Was not aware that FN made Mauser’s. Question on the vinegar process, did you just soak them or use a ultrasonic cleaner? How do you neutralize the vinegar and stop rust post process? Thanks

    • Chuck

      Just soak then in Vinegar, with the rust build up they have it takes about a day, the use a brass or stainless brush to clean off the grime and clean with oil to stop the rust from coming back.

  • Rhett Wiggen

    Nice fence-post collection! Maybe a giant “Peace-sign” welded sculpture for display at the SAR show in December!
    Yes, Cathy and I will be there…is there going to be a MG34 .308 demo? Or sales?
    Beautiful find of iron-oxide history there…not much greasy-gun-part sorting this time!!!
    Save any Greenpeace-party crested Mausers you find for me…

  • gus gillam

    nice collection. is there a link to a shop site please.

  • Tyrone

    Are those from the Samco Global stash of days gone? The Chinese Nationalist ones are particularly interesting. Let me know if you need any help translating the markings.

  • Stiven

    Very interesting.
    Just a few months ago, I was visited by the thought (in a semi-optional manner) of creating a semi-auto rifle which is based on the bolt group from Mauser.
    I was forced to abandon the idea, because I thought that it would not be possible to find a noticeable number of initial parts at the price of scrap metal …
    It turns out to be possible.
    If interested, I am also an enthusiast of such work and have the opportunity to complete the project.

    We can contact via email.

  • kyle

    Sent a message on Facebook but I think their filtering thing might’ve put it in your spam. Would you consider selling any? I would love a project.

  • Herb

    Are you going to be restoring these Mausers and selling any?
    Looks like a lot of hard work and big project for sure. I love it!

  • Daniel Tracy

    I’m a ammature gunsmith I’ve actually nearly finished a musket that I’ve created the stock for and inletted all the parts for is the ANY possibility that I could purchase 2 of these for any price for me and my dad to work on

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