The Walther model1and 2 self loading 22 rifles

The Walther self-loading rifles Model 1 and 2


These interesting rifles have been manufactured mainly in the 1930’s in Germany by Carl Walther.

Sadly we couldn’t find any more detailed information on production numbers and exact time frame.

But there seems to be some confusion on the model designations.

We’ve seen both variants designated as either Model  1 or 2.

But we will stick with the manufacturers designation as used in our video linked at the end of this post.

The Model 1 with sliding tang safety, shorter stock (fore end), shorter thinner barrel and folding type rear sight.

The Model 2 with 3 position lever type safety, longer military type stock (fore end), heavier longer barrel and sliding type rear sight graduated up to 200m.

Model 1

Model 2

And here the parts diagram as shown in the video from the same website:


Here independently from safety (all sliding tang safety) called Model 1 or 2, depending on stock/barrel configuration:




Since it is possible to combine upper and lower receiver of each model with each stock/barrel combo, there either might have been some mixed parts models coming directly from the factory or they were later assembled that way from leftover parts.

We will stick with the designation as used in the original parts diagram linked above.


Walther Model 2 (in the video incorrectly referred to as Model 1)


WALTHER Model 2 (actually Model 1) No. 35654 (muzzle threaded)


Walther Model 2 (actually a Model 1): No. 5658

Walther Model 2: No. 14448

The highest serial number on  the Model 1 we’ve seen is 35654 and on the Model 2 it’s 38667 (see above – if it is a Model 2).Which would indicate that both models were manufactured parallel. Not as sometimes claimed first the Model 1 and later the Model 2.

The extension on the hammer of the Model 1 is also an indicator for both models being manufactured at the same time. Otherwise why would you introduce a feature like that on the “first manufactured”model where it doesn’t serve any purpose?


Pic 1

Walther 1Pic 2

Walther 2Pic 3

Walther 3

Model 2 rear sight graduated in varying steps of 20, 25 or 30 meters.

Pic 4

Walther 4

Pic 5

Walther 5Pic 6

Walther 6Pic 7

Walther 7

Such oldies should not be used with modern HV ammo. In this case CCI Mini Mags Varmint.

I use these in all semi-autos that won’t work reliably with other .22 ammo.

The shells bulged pretty “nicely” in the feed ramp area.

In the demo video standard velocity ammo was used and worked just fine.

Additionally it’s not the most rugged design. The bolt assembly is stopped on it’s rearward travel by the bolt handle hitting against the upper receiver. That can cause the bolt handle (brazed/soldered to the bolt carrier) to break off.

Pic 8a

Walther 8aPic 8b

Walther 8b

Lower receiver Model 1 (below) and on top the Model 2 with the lacking cut-out for the sliding safety.

Pic 8c

Walther 8c

Model 1, upper, lower, barrel.

Pic 9

Walther 9

Rear end of the barrel damaged by firing pin protruding too much (dry firing with empty chamber).

Model 2 left, Model 1 right.

Pic 10

Walther 10

Upper receiver assembly. Model 2 left, Model 1 right, with newly made firing pin assembly.

The Model 1 bolt here also has an additional cut-out parallel to the firing pin channel which brings the weight of the bolt assembly down from 156g to 147g. This Model 1 also features a shorter recoil spring.

The Model 1 bolt uses a bearing ball instead of the plunger at the Model 2. Not sure if done at the factory or a simple replacement after the original plunger got lost.

Pic 11

Walther 11

Rear side of the bolt assembly. Model 1 on top, Model 2 below.

Pic 12

Walther 12

A 9 shot magazine (left side) and a 5 shot magazine (right side) was available for both rifles.

The 9 shot magazine is missing the base plate lock plate and the spring doesn’t seem to be original since it is fully compressed after loading 7 rounds. We’ll find another one that gives us the full magazine capacity.

Pic 13

Walther 13

How it all started. Front part of firing pin made from  the shank of a 9/64 drill bit, the rear part from a broken file.


Hope you enjoyed it!

Making/editing the video, doing the research on these rifles and writing the post was way more time consuming than making those spare parts.


27 comments to The Walther model1and 2 self loading 22 rifles

  • Robert Benson

    The one I fired was in about 80% condition the bolt speed seemed slower than that of other 22 semi automatic rifles I had shot. The gun functioned well just seemed slow. Bob Benson

  • K.T. Locke

    Very cool. At this point in my life, I only have one “Unicorn” .22 That is a BRNO ZOM-451 straight pull. Back in the early 90’s a gun shop out on Long Island called Burns Bros. had a rack full of them. But by the standards of the time, they were expensive…($250 when you could get a Ruger 10/22 for $99) so, like the dumb ass I was 25 years ago, I passed on them. DAMN those dried up FAST!! They were around at shops and shows for only about 2 years.

  • Dan E

    novel 22s are a hoot. the optional bolt action operation is cool, I want to copy that in some form.

  • David W

    Many thanks indeed for all the time and trouble you’ve gone to in posting this blog. Here in the UK I’ve been the lucky owner of Model 1 serial 45607 for the past thirty years and at last I know what the lug on the hammer is for!

    Unfortunately, mine is out of action with a broken breech after the right hand guide lug failed along an old fatigue crack. I’ve made strikers and striker levers before but this is well out of my league. So far, I’ve managed to make some sketches but the only precision engineering company (in Liverpool) I’ve approached has said that it could be made but they didn’t have anyone with the necessary skills!!
    I’m hoping you may have some advice about recreating the breech including what steel to use if I can find anyone willing to have a go. Unless anyone has a spare of course…..

    Meanwhile I have a spare 5 shot magazine carcase which might be of use to someone, though it lacks the follower, spring, lock and base plates. It has damage to the rear face where someone has filed a new notch to hold it just out of its seat but it’s not visible when in use. Free to good home!

    Great blog, wish I’d found it years ago!

  • David W

    Many thanks Chuck, Could I PM you re axel’s reply?

  • Hugo

    Thank you for a good explenation of the deferences. I have a model 2, and is missing the firing pin retainer. Can you provide me with the specs, measurements? I wish to manufacture a replacement part. Regards Hugo

    • David W

      Just to confirm, if you’re referring to Part No 31 on the old Stoeger parts list, then I have one. If all else fails then I guess I’d let it go but I’m hoping you can manufacture one? I have sketches of the Breech, part number 14, into which it fits and I can email them over as a start. I’ve never measured the retainer but I’ll have a go so in the next couple of days and try to produce a sketch.

      Still looking for a replacement breech!!

  • Hugo

    I own a model two .22 Semi auto. I am missing the firing pin retaining clip. Do you know were i can get a replacement part, or the spect to manufacture one?

  • Jacques

    Can anybody help me with diagram or pic of trigger assembly. I assembled trigger assembly but it is not working correctly, I think I am missing a spring.

  • Sandy van Dyk

    I have a Walther. 22 model 2 in good shooting condition. I need an extractor for the rifle. Where can I purchase one. I am in South Africa.

  • Jacques Burger

    Hi anyone that can help with dimensions on scope mounts for a Mod 2 Walther, please. They are very scarce and the only alternative seems to have it made up as close as possible to the original with the see-through apertures.

  • Hassan Hamza

    Thanks for this post. I own a model 2 and have been searching forever for information on it. Now you’ve got me curious on where I can buy the 9 shot magazine and a spare 5 shot one. Luckily my gun is in magnificent shape because my dad had a friend in Germany who worked for Walther a had it totally refurbished.

  • Graham

    I am trying to find more on the history and deployment as well as year of manufacture of the Walther Mod 1 & 2 rifles
    I have bought what I believe is a Mod 1 serial 43596
    Thus is beyond the range you indicate
    Any input & knowledge most appreciated

  • graham

    My apologies I has corrected my previous post – serial 43596 is a Model 2 rifle

  • Ken

    Hi. Ken here in Canada. Have a model 1 in decent shape. Needs a firing pin . Any help on specs would be appreciated.

  • LUKE

    Good day gents! i just bought a walther 22lr serial number 1101 with a carl ziess scope can i post a pic or two of my new toy for everyone to look at. i also would like to know what model it is.i also think its a semi auto the trigger will fire in the up or down position. its all original i really would like to show it to the group and get your thoughts.. thanks

  • Rod Woods

    I have a very tidy example of the so-called Model 1 Walther .22, and I also have in my collection, a copy of the German WUM sporting goods catalogue of 1932 which lists the rifle for sale in two variants; the 52cm barrel with one standing and two folding leaf rear sight at US$28.60, and the version with the tangent rear sight at US$32.00. Nowhere is there any mention of Model 1 or Model 2. The rifle is merely described as “Automatic small bore sporting rifle, can be used as single loader and as repeater.” The magazine is 5 rounds and there is no mention of larger magazines. The only illustration shows the tang safety and there is no mention of the wing type safety. Clearly the wing safety, longer barrel, and 10 shot magazine were later offerings. Hopefully this is another snippet of information on these nice rifles.

  • Johan


    Where can I get a parts list for the model 2and is there still parts available for them?

  • Kobus

    Good day,
    Where will one be able to get parts for a Walther .22 Model 1?

  • Mike

    Automatischer Walther Karabiner Modell 1

    Hi, I’m in the UK – far from ideal if your hobby is guns!

    I own a lovely, pre-WWII Carl Walther Model 1 rifle. I’ve owned this pretty .22LR rifle for over 40 years. First introduced around 1931, my research indicates that this ‘Walther Model 1′ carbine was manufactured around 1936 in the Zella-Mehlis factory. The serial number is: 13755.

    The barrel is stamped ‘Crown over B’, ‘Crown over U’ and ‘Crown over G’ on the right-hand side, and ‘Crown over N’ and ‘Nitro’ on the left-hand side. ‘Crown over N’ indicates that the rifle was manufactured and proofed before 15 January 1940.

    The overall condition is very fine. Blueing is 98% and has partially turned to a pleasant, aged plum colour. The bore is excellent, bright with well-defined rifling and no rust, corrosion or frosting. The stock presents very well with a few light usage marks, but no splits, cracks or repairs.

    The rifle has never been modified (no holes for scopes, or other attachments). It’s basically just as it left the factory some 85 years ago.

    The only issue is that the tallest leaf on the tri-leaf rear sight no longer latches into the upright position. The other flip-up leaf latches correctly. Does anyone have a spare tri-leaf rear sight they would part with?

    The rifle performs faultlessly and is very pleasant to shoot. I don’t think it has had a lot of use, especially these past 40 years.

    I’ve now reached that stage in life where the years have started to catch up with me, so I’m thinking I might sell the rifle. Can anyone give me an indication of the value of my Walther Model 1 carbine?


  • Daniel

    Hello, I also own this beautiful rifle, specifically model 1. I have a problem that sometimes it shoots a dose and sometimes it doesn’t even draw the conclusion or it doesn’t fire the cartridge. I’ve tried different types of ammunition, but the problem is still there. If anyone from this forum can help or advise what to do with it, I will be very happy. Thank you

  • Can any one tell me where I can buy a 5 or 10 round mag for a model 1 walther

  • JAG

    Hi, I have a Model 2 bought new by my family. Serial number WR 49681.
    I no longer shoot it or have use for it. Any ideas. I am in Florida USA.

  • peter j domanski

    I just got a NO1

  • peter j domanski

    Appreciate any comments

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