The Library part2

Work on the library has started in earnest. The worst thing about the Library build is that the back hoe broke and everything had to be accomplished by hand.

The footer was dug and poured by had using my mixer. The framing was built and then the stem wall was poured.

DSC_4799sReady for concrete for the stem walls

DSC_4800sTermite tubes are installed.

IMG_3825sAdding dirt and starting compacting. A regular compactor was rented and used. As a side note all the dirt was dug by hand and moved over by wheel barrel.

IMG_3824sThe dirt is compacted and the rebar is in place ready for concrete


IMG_3969sThe concrete is down


IMG_4223sMore framing

IMG_4224sAll the interior sheeting is up

DSC_8130sJust about finished with the sheet rock

IMG_4880sThe walls are now painted

IMG_4955sThe inside and out side walls are covered with osb. The outside walls are covered with an epoxy membrane More to come.

3 comments to The Library part2

  • Ken

    Chuck: What are termite tubes? Here they are mud tubes the termites build when they get above ground to keep their environment damp as they do their damage. Yours are PVC but what is their point? Ken

  • JB (the other one)

    Ken, I was thinking the same question!

  • Chuck

    It is so I can put poison in the soil to kill the termites, which we have a serious problem with here, with out re-drilling the floor every time. The wood shop has to be re-drilled every few years to fight the termites.

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