Once again the weekend is over and I am still not finished

The third coat of epoxy was put down on the floor but not until I removed the epoxy from the joints and cleaned them and then filled them in, should have done this first.



We started to move the boxes of books to the the racks and get them off the rolling book cases.


DSC_9309sJust the start of the book moving fun

DSC_9311sThat is not even all the books from the rolling book case.

The stucco was removed from around the door and the old walk way.

DSC_9307sAll the way down the hall

DSC_9303sThen the plywood was removed to inspect the termite damage.

DSC_9325sOn both sides

DSC_9324sThe framing was completed and the door moved.

DSC_9326sStarted working on the outside protective coating prior to putting up the stucco again.

DSC_9313sJust ran out of time. It will be finished this next weekend.

DSC_9315sThe upstairs deck did get coated with a water proof coating


DSC_9316sPart of this complete transformation is to move the hardware store and convert that room and the well room as a wood shop addition.

All the iron fittings were removed


and moved to the electrical roomDSC_9196s


The old book case was the removed

DSC_9323sThe copper fittings were also moved to the electrical room.

DSC_9187sThere new home

DSC_9194sThe electrical room as it stands now.

DSC_9198sThis was my weekend, well that and working on the cnc router. Tomorrows post


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