Fun at the shoot on Wednesday

I took the day off to test out some stuff that we made or repaired and just waste some ammo. Here is a quick montage of the shoot.


I have a couple of pictures of some of the guns as well.

DSC_7581sAn RP-46

DSC_7560sA very nice 8mm Lebel Hotchkiss

DSC_7556sThese two rifles are just gorgeous.


2 comments to Fun at the shoot on Wednesday

  • Dan E

    looks like a lot of fun, cool AA mount. also bees.

  • Patrik Hertzman

    A pair of Swedish Ksp m/36 (Brownings) on a AA tripod, complete with R/L feed , AA sights and teh works! A rare sight here in Sweden, and more so in the US I would imagine. See the hook under the center of thee tripod legs? The field manual suggests hanging “an object of a significant weight”, say a very large rock, off of the hook to stabilze the mount. Those machine guns plus cradles and ammo will make the whole affair seriously top-heavy!

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