Being a “HOARDER” part 1

A good friend of Gun Lab recently mention that I am or might be a hoarder.  I think of myself as someone that is very good at re-purposing material and equipment. Working on a limited budget I am always trying to make do with little or no money. In my normal job I am at homes and businesses every day. The amount of tools, equipment and material that is thrown out is amazing.  I have developed and attitude of asking what they are going to do with something that looks like it is rusting away of being scraped. To this end these are a couple of the items I have picked up over the years.

Earlier this year a friend wanted some help emptying his storage shed. While there I checked the dumpster and did another stop. So for less then a couple of hundred dollars I came home with this load.


IMG_5035sThere was a real nice Miller tig and arc welder with tank, accessories, and consumables.


IMG_5045sA work bench, vise evap cooler, ladder, tool box and a number of shelving units.




IMG_5041sAll of this for about the cost of the ladder. The welder is now the go to welder in the fab shop and with the work being done in the wood shop the tool box will be made in to a built in unit.

2 comments to Being a “HOARDER” part 1

  • Mac

    Nice haul! You know that Port-a-cool would fit in my shop nicely… ;)

  • Rich

    I’m with you on this one, every weekend I take a tour of my local industrial area, and I have a workshop filled to the rafters with tools and materiels. I’m also running about ten adverts at once to sell what I don’t need locally.

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