Barrel Fluting for the VG1-5 barrel

Here is a short video about fluting the VG1-5 barrel.


The process of fluting a barrel is dependent on a number of factors. The first is the tool design. So far we have use 4 different types of fluting tools. All of them have had minor dimensional changes.

The second is pressure. We have pressed the flutes at 1300, 1000 and 800 psi. This factor changes as to the type of steel used in the barrels and the sharpness of the tool.

Third is the material and heat treat of the fluting tool. The first 4 tools were made of O-1. The truth is that this not a satisfactory material. With the suggestion of John D., a friend of gun lab, we will be changing the material to D-2 with a correct  heat treat.

In upcoming video’s I will go over the changes to the tool design and why. I will also show the chamber castings of the fluted chamber as the cases after firing using different flute designs and depths. There will be a lot more on fluting in the future.

3 comments to Barrel Fluting for the VG1-5 barrel

  • JB (the other one)

    I am very interested to see your fluted chamber casts and tool.

  • Chuck

    I hope to have that a few more posts this weekend. To much fun at work still

  • dan

    Hey quick question. I cant find your email anywhere so ill just post my question here. What is the mass of the recoiling parts of your vg 1-5 reproduction? Ive heard 6 pounds from Ian and have read 3 in Russian documents about the horn rifle. Is the truth in the middle somewhere or is the slide really that heavy?

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