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Years ago when I was a young lad I had the hots for a tank,I later owned a Ferret scout car, but I wanted a tracked vehicle. That is when I knew little to nothing about them and the work involved in maintaining them. I must also mention that I am 6’4″ and could not fit in any tank that interested me. This set of pictures is from a private tank museum that is no longer in business, but I really liked this cute little pre-WW2 tank. I have no idea where the tank has gone to so if someone knows please let me know. I would like to take photo’s of the inside one day. I must also mention that I am not a vehicle guy but a gun guy. This means that I want the tank as an accessory for my guns and not the other way around. I use to own a m-2 50 cal machine gun, a Lathe 20 mm cannon and a number of 1919’s so I thought this would be the perfect  toy to carry them around in at a shoot.

Here are the pictures of this cute toy.

A frontal view.



scan_Page_12c2csClose up of the main armament in this model

scan_Page_29c1xsright side angle view.

scan_Page_11c1sHere are a few pictures from an old magazine.

A crew of 4.

scan0001c2asa great cut away of the tank


The armament it carried

scan0001c1sIt used a 235h.p. radial airplane type engine with a max speed of 35mph on the road and 5mph in the open country.

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