22 caliber boy’s rifle

I dropped by a friends house today between jobs and he had a pie of boy’s rifles that he was going through. The majority of them were single shot dropping blocks or rolling block rifles and I find those interesting, however there was one that had been gone over by someone to make what I would call a custom rifle for a child. Here are a few pictures of the rifle in question. It is a J.C.Higgins model 103,18 in 22 cal. The rifle itself has no great vale and even after being worked over it now has less value, but still interesting.

You can see that a new stock has been made for it and a new trigger guard has been fashioned for it.

IMG_0682sA close up of the stock. Not even sure what type of wood was used.

IMG_0683sBut the fit is correct so someone took the time to make it correctly


IMG_0686sThe interesting part is the trigger guard. An old spoon or fork handle was used to make it. To make it fancy.

IMG_0684sAs I looked at it all that crossed my mind is that someone went to some trouble to make this. To me it is interesting, I just think of some guy or gal doing this for his or her daughter.

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