Working on the stock duplicator

The time has come up that I need to get back to doing more stock work. There is the VG1-5, the Gerot 05 and I really want my Scotti X working. All three of these projects require the stock duplicator to be working.

DSC_9786sI had it set up but the dust collector system was not hooked to it. To say that it made an enormous amount of saw dust would really be an understatement.  So it was off to take some measurements and a trip to the sheet metal shop to make a funnel arrangement.

DSC_9776sThis was actually the easiest part of the project. I now had to get a sheet metal housing into a spot that had cross bars and was an exact fit.

This was accomplished by partially disassembling the duplicator and carefully moving the funnel in. Keep in mind that the duplicator is cast iron and really heavy, so we did not want it falling on anyone. With a great deal on determination it was finally accomplished.

DSC_9788sThe funnel assembly set perfectly on the lip of the duplicator.

DSC_9790sWhen the foot pads are installed and the unit raised the alignment between the dust collector sweep and the sweep that will go on the funnel  should be spot on.

DSC_9793sSoon it will be back in service.

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