Working on the MP-44 trunions.

We have started on Pete’s, a friend of gun lab, new 4140 MP-44 trunions. This series of videos and posts is the process we used to make them.

First the video.

Here are the pictures going over the changes and the steps we took.


DSC_8119wsWe needed to change the depth of cut for the locking shoulder

DSC_8122wsWe also did not put in the chamfer on the back of the block

DSC_8123sSet up for ops one and two.


DSC_8095cwsAll of the trunions have now gone through ops one and two

DSC_8094cwsOp 3

DSC_8102cwsthe bored hole and start of gas tube cut out.

DSC_8100syou can see the finish of the bored hole and the step for the barrel

DSC_8099sAll the 4140 and test trunions have now completed op 3.



OP 4 is coming up and will be next post on the MP-44 trunions.

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