What is it Saturday 4-11-15

Things have been a little easy. So this one will make you think.







4 comments to What is it Saturday 4-11-15

  • JB

    “Things have been a little easy”
    That they have.

    A bolt extension that replaces a shot shell, for a pistol cartridge conversion?

  • JM

    Could be. But the lower lip on the bolt suggests that it might feed from a magazine. Also, the cut on the back may indicate a striker fired gun. Perhaps a modified bolt for a closed bolt or semi auto conversion or both. Judging by the very slight pitting it seems before 1960’s.

  • Lying Bastard

    It sure makes me think of a Sten bolt

  • Jim Sturges

    Looks like a blow back bolt for a pistol class cartridge. It fires from a closed bolt. It is striker fired or Reising type sliding hammer. The reduced diameter suggest a semi conversion for an open bolt SMG. I’ve checked my resources but can’t find a match.
    My guesses are H&R trial M1 carbine, Cristobal carbine, or Finland Suomi semi conversion.

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