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A while back I read a post at one blogs that I go to everyday and he was chatting about his library. So I thought I would go into a little more detail about Gun Labs reference library. This last weekend in the update I showed a picture of the new file cabinets that I got for storing documentation. I thought I would post a few picture of the complete library. Keep in mind that not only do I study about guns but I have number of different interests as well. I enjoy metal working, wood working, metal casting and forging, alternative energy, and jewelery making. Kind of an odd grouping, but not really. The truth is that I like to work with my hands and make things. So here goes the library pictures. I really need one big building for my library but it is not in the works just yet.

These are the two book cases in the living room and where I keep the books that I go to every day.


behind my chair.

IMG_0092csIn the gun room.




IMG_0095csCurrent project that my wife is working on for me.


IMG_0097sIn the clean room. These are machining and die making books.

IMG_0098sCatalogs and manuals


In one of the storage rooms. Most of these are all gun magazines



IMG_0101csIn the second storage room.



IMG_0105sIn the well room.



In my office.


At my desk

IMG_0110sAn up coming post I am working on.

IMG_0107sMore boxes to go through.


By the bed on current projects.


In addition to this I have 3 2 terabit hard drives that are almost full of gun stuff.

The current library is approximately 3500 hundred books and magazines. I really want a dedicated library building.

It is hard to believe that I called the visiting nurses association to come pick up 7 car loads of books a few years ago.

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  • Ken

    Very impressive. The problem I have, with a way smaller library, is finding things, say I’m looking for something on a 1880 rod bayonet Springfield, where were they discussed and pictured, do I have those books or articles, and then where might my copies of those publications be. I guess libraries have card catalogues and now store such information in computers. Do you have Shirley working on this? If a group of like minded individuals has computerized catalogues that they shared, wouldn’t that be great? I suspect it’ll never happen.

  • Chris Brosnahan

    I’m almost as bad as you are….my w*fe made me chuck all the gun mags(I managed to still keep many)when we first met…my book shelves are almost like yours…for years I’ve been buying & collecting firearms books whenever I can (or lately can afford to do so)…My w*fe complained about my system…it was a ‘piling’ rather than a ‘filing’ system…piles are simply vertical rather than horizontal files, although if you’re not careful they turn into somewhat flat horizontal files. For some unknown reason women have an aversion to the piling system. I prided myself on always knowing (or at least having a very good idea of) wherabouts in the pile whatever I was looking for, was…

  • Chuck

    I understand about the pile concept. I can still find everything until she helps clean it up. However, in her defense the hole house would be a pile if not for my wife.

    • Chris Brosnahan

      I agree wholeartedly Chuck…wimmen DO bring a sense of order, gentleness & decorum to what would oterwise be a TRUE man CAVE…the hardest part of the transition from the Piling to the Filing system other than the work, is gettin’ USED TO the concept!!!

  • Dan E

    I want to raid your library!

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