Weekend update for 8-7-16

Like every other weekend here at Gun Lab it was another one of to much work and not enough fun stuff.

The exciting news is that I finally finished putting in the A/C for the machine shop. This will really help as now you can work and keep the sweat out your eyes.


Due to the heavy storms that we have been having a few leaks showed up at the machine shop roof. So the roof was once again re-coated and sealed.


The 3D printer stopped working because of the old pla that came with it. The old material would constantly break on jam up the heating nozzle and feed motor. I took apart the first nozzle and motor and cleaned them out. Wow what a job. Still need to finish the first one then it is on to the next nozzle.






I picked up a number of pounds on used brass fittings and valves, so it was time to separate, clean and store it all. I am getting ready for the up coming metal casting season.

All clean and ready to be melted.DSC_1088s

DSC_1089sStill need to be cleaned

DSC_1090sStuff to keep for other projects


Finally I needed to do so mandatory house work. Two of the toilets needed to be changed out.

Just another fun filled weekend.

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