Weekend up date 3-23-15

Busy weekend. A number of small and large projects were completed this weekend so lets get to the list.

The first was completing the painting in the fab shop. This is what it looked like.

DSC_2610sAnd this is how it looks now.

DSC_4628csI hope to work on the last of the lighting next weekend.

The wall in the wood shop was sanded and another coat of mud put on. This is the before we even started  it picture.

DSC_2723sThen after we took out the window and framed it in.

DSC_3135sThis is how it looks now.

DSC_4627sWe moved some equipment around in the wood shop it allow easier access and use.


DSC_4616sI need to build a dust cabinet around the cnc router and I wanted the access to be where I can install and remove fixtures and parts.

I finished the radial arm saw table.



My wife started on the new library/document room.

Cabinet of manuals

DSC_4622sFiles of data collected over 35 years.

DSC_4621sWe also got the cnc router up and running. The parameters had been changed and it took most of Saturday getting it to work properly. Here is a quick video of it cutting air.


The other project that was worked on was the photographic stand for rifles and pistols. The first version I was using a lazy susan to allow me to move it.

DSC_4618csHowever there was to much movement so the final version is just bolted to the board.




2 comments to Weekend up date 3-23-15

  • Ken

    All I can say is ‘WOW.’ That looks great and the library sounds great.

  • Chuck

    The library for manuals and paper work will help a great deal. I had stuff everywhere and it was impossible to find anything when I needed it. The books are in book cases through out the house and I still misplace them.

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