weekend road trip first stop

My wife and I started a weekend trip to pick up a new piece of equipment for the machine shop and on the way there we did a quick stop at Reata Pass Auctions to look at the new items they had for the up coming auction.


This is not a normal type of post for me as Ian at forgotten weapons generally does auction posts. However there were a number of interesting items in the up coming auction that I thought would show you a few of them. It seems that a collector of WW2 rifles has decided to put his collection up for sale. There was a very good representation of French rifles, but the one that caught my attentionĀ  was a MAS 34. This is a Bethier converted to 7.5 French.

DSC_4298csA rifle that is not common at all.

Another military rifle that was interesting was the 98/40 with bayonet.


A close up to look at the markings.


One that caught mt attention was the pin fire pepper box pistol. I really like odd and unusual and this fits the bill.





And as I have a thing for the Martini-Henry rifle I was excited to see a target model of a small action 22lr rifle. This is a nice shooter piece.






The one I really would like to buy but have no money for is the miniature 22 Gatling gun.

DSC_4329csI think it matches my eyes, what do you think.

DSC_4331csIf you have a chance stop by and have a look, they are real nice people. There catalog is on line and with over 1000 weapons there is something to check out

A quick look at the flyer.



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