VG1-5 update Barrels

We have started with the first few operations on the VG1-5 barrel. When we started we were going to use the cnc lathe exclusively, but with the length of the barrel and no steady rest on the cnc lathe we had way to much chatter. So another change of plans was in order. The steps are now as follows.

Starting with a MG-13 barrel.DSC_7455csWe cut it to the closer length needed on the rifle.

DSC_7462csThen the next step is to turn it between centers to give us a spot to use the steady rest.

DSC_7459csNow with this spot machined we can use the steady rest and support the front of the barrel with a live center and turn the front of the barrel to the correct diameter.DSC_7453s



This completes this series of barrel operations on the manual lathe.

DSC_7452sFrom here we will go to the cnc lathe.

Just a quick video of the barrel on the manual lathe.







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