VG1-5 update

The first 5 rifles have been made and tested, then re-tested, then again photographed and re-tested and finally photographed in slow motion and re-tested. I number of interesting issues were found and collected, not serious but still interesting. We have one more test to do to verify that everything is good to go.

These are the next 9 rifles. All the changes that we made on the first 5 are being incorporated in this group. The upper receivers are being worked on.

IMG_2510sAt this set we are setting up and machining the ejection port. The port is being lengthen slightly and beveled.

IMG_2511sThis actually two different cuts. This is the tool to make the slight radius cut.

IMG_2512sThe set up was changed again due to a chatter issue that showed up.

IMG_2570sA close up of the new look for the ejection port.

IMG_2571sThe new ejection port cut in and radius


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