VG1-5 stock making

When we made the first couple of stocks for the VG1-5 we used a fixture to hold the stock. This fixture held the wooden blank that we cut using the bandsaw and then using a hand held router we cut the radius on the out side edge of the stock.

This procedure was a little harry to say the least.

The router bit and ball bearing guide.

DSC_2066sThe fixture that the router bit would run around on using the bearing as a guide.

DSC_2075sAfter doing a couple of stocks this was it has been decided by me not to do this again. I have a cnc router that I have been working on and will use it for the hand guards, but for the stock it was not going to work real well.

While at a job I saw this in a guy’s garage and knew that this would be perfect for my stock project.




This last weekend I started working on it. I managed to get all the wood cut for it and the real good news is that most of it came from my scrap pile.




All the wood is cut to size and next weekend I will start cutting the groves and rough assembly.



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