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I know that there have not been many posts this last year. Life and death has gotten in the way. However, work is still be done on the VG1-5 project. A great deal of testing has been accomplished and it looks like all the bugs have finally been worked out, keeping my fingers crossed on that.

Just so everyone knows there will posts in the future on the cnc router and its completion as well as it making the VG1-5 stocks. There are a number of weapons that have been worked on and a few designs that prototype have been built or 3d printed.

There is always construction projects going on here at Gun Lab. A number of additions have been made to the shop and new tools have been obtained or built. All of these have a post to go with them. I received a great deal of criticism on the posts concerning the building projects and to this I say don’t read them. Every building project or tool build is part of the bigger plan to design and build the weapons that I want. Room is always in short supply and showing a video of me filing to fix a broken part is not the least bit of fun or interesting. I will write and post what projects are going on and what I want to.

So stay tune and Gun Lab will be back this year.

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  • GT

    Looking forward to the updates, all content is always read with interest. And life always gets in the way, until it doesn’t.

  • John Davies

    Good on you, your life ,your interest, keep going,and stay safe it will get better, all the very best from the U.K

  • Rick Saunders

    Nothing has been normal this past year.
    However, this is pleasant news.
    Thank you and, well, thank you.
    For those of us who can not do,
    we take pleasure in your journey.

  • Jerry

    Welcome back Chuck!
    I enjoy all your posts, especially the shop updates.

  • gary

    Glad to see you coming back! Thanks for all of the good info over the years.

  • Mac

    Some of us know what goes on “behind the scenes”. All the work you’ve done (and plan to do)is required for the final product outcome as well as other projects in the works. Keep up the good work!

  • Rhett Wiggen

    Hey Chuck! ALL your posts are welcome and informative. There is something to be learned in each one of them no matter what the subject,
    . What you are doing some of us can only dream of in carpentry, design, fabrication, design and shop construction. Ignore the negativity, especially mine (poor attempts at humor), and carry on as you think best! At least YOU are bold enough to do GunLab…Rhett

  • Eric K

    Chuck, this is very encouraging news to hear. We all look forward to your future posts and updates. Please post often ;)
    We hope all is well.

  • Brad Browne

    Thanks for the update! Good to hear that you haven’t fallen off the face of the earth!

    In my own world, I’ve gotten my milling machine up and running for the first time in 7 years last week – I still don’t have 220 out in the garage to run it, but I bought a big 10Kw Generator that will let me spin it!

    Good times!

  • Pete

    No problem re the shop building posts Chuck.
    I can only admire your work toward making a great shop.
    I’m still tripping over extension cords.

  • Storm

    Vg 1-5 project goes for what, 7,8 years now ?

    Why so much problems with the stocks, 50 of them could be made in mere 2 months manually, casually working on one every day, for 1 to max. 2 hours, with hand router and sanding paper…

    • Chuck

      To finish the stocks I needed to finish the cnc router and replace a couple pieces of equipment that could not keep with the work load. The real task is getting the rifle to work properly. With most of the problems solved I am on to the stocks. I keep forgetting that my primary business is generally 60 to 80 hours of work every week. And the time I have left has to be spread between, work, hobbies, family and just trying to keep my sanity.

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