The SAR show after action report

This is a quick update. The first 5 finished VG1-5 rifles were at the SAR show and were quickly picked up by there owners. One of the Groto 6 rifles was also sold.

The whole week of events went great. It started with the pre-show shoot. This is just a little get together where the guests just have fun shooting machine gunsĀ  as well as the latest rifles we have built.



In this case I brought out my Webley Fosbery and anyone that wanted to shoot it could.


In addition the Sterling and Bren gun were brought out making it a British weekend.


Thursday is vendor set up day and all the guests were at the show setting up. Friday through Sunday was the actual show. The general chat about the show was how good it was, actually my best show ever for both selling and buying. I obtain a number of books for the reference library, both at the show and the week prior. These are from the show.




And the ones ordered.




The reading material alone made the show a success for me. How ever at this show is when I generally spend my saved gun money. I was able to obtain a number of missing pieces for the reference collection. Three new rifles were added.

IMG_3244sA sporter 1941 Johnson rifle IMG_3251scAlso a SKS that uses AK magazines

IMG_3250scAnd last but not least is a French Lebel rifle converted to 7.5 French


IMG_3247scEnough for now but more to come on the show.


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