The loss of another great guy

For any of you that have been around awhile or have not been on the far side of the moon you would know of Don Bell at Omega. The sad news is that he passed away last night.

I have been to his place to many times to count and he was always a generous and friendly friend to me. I will miss him and visiting his shop.

R.I.P. you will be missed.

8 comments to The loss of another great guy

  • Rhett Wiggen

    Don Bell was one of the few guys in the industry that had integrity, honesty and strength. You knew that you could trust him and he was my go-to guy for any advice or item. Buying from him was always a safe bet and worth every dollar no matter if it was competitive or not. His family life was tragic but he hung in there and never complained. I will miss him and will know he will never be replaced…
    See you in Valhalla, Don! Rhett.

  • Turk

    My sympathies sir. Always rough to loose a friend and brother.

  • Matt T

    Always liked Don. Always offered a neat assortment of stuff and very friendly and helpful. Sorry to hear of his passing.

  • Eric K

    Dang, I’m so sorry to hear that. Don was a great man with great knowledge. I first met Don in the late 80’s at the Great Western Gun Show. He always had the coolest stuff. I bought some great stuff from him. He will be missed.

  • Gunny

    So sorry to hear of Don’s passing! Fair winds and following seas.

  • Harry Connors

    Don was a dear and long friend of 30 plus years and he will be missed. I missed seeing him last as I have been in the VA hospital here in Tucson the past 10 days. Don was a gentleman’s friend. Harry in Tucson.

  • Harry Connors

    Messed up my email as I literally just got home from being in the hospital Harry

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