The cane gun

Steve J. , a friend of gun lab, brought over a few of his toys to show and allow me to photograph.

This is a French 32short S&W cane gun.

DSC_9133cYou can see the button that is the trigger

DSC_9136sThe actual fire control and handle part.

DSC_9141sA good shot of the firing pin and stop.

DSC_9143sThe threaded end of the barrel.

DSC_9145sThe tip of the cane to keep the barrel covered.

DSC_9138sYou can see the spring clip that keeps the cane tip secure.

DSC_9139sclose up of the cane tip

DSC_9140sIt also acts as the extractor


DSC_9149sThe tips are used to pull out the cartridge from the barrel.

DSC_9146sWhat is really interesting is that the barrel is also smooth bore.

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