The book “Fabricacion De Fusiles”

A while back I was able to obtain a few books that I did not have in the reference library. I have a thing about not only gun books but also machining and manufacturing books. So what could be better then a book about manufacturing guns. This book was written in 1899 and is about the making of the Mauser rifle in Spain. It is not the complete set of books dealing with the manufacturing of the rifle just the pictorial reference of the tooling and machinery necessary to make it. Generally the rest of the set would be the step by step operation as well as a set of drawings.

In the book ” Argentine Mauser Rifles 1871-1959″ in chapter 24 you can see what the rest of the set would look like.

indexThis is one of those books you should have in your library and can be gotten off of Amazon, here is the link,

Another book that actually deals with the Springfield rifle is “Manufacture of the Model 1903 Springfield service rifle”.


Also available from Amazon.

This is the book that I just picked up.

DSC_9466sBasically this book is the pictorial reference to the machines and tooling necessary to make the Mauser rifle.

DSC_9473sc1The dimension on the drawings are for the fixture sizes.

DSC_9468c1sMost of the pages deal with line drawings of what the tool, fixture or machine would look like.


Even down to the type of cutters you would use.


It isĀ  an interesting reference in the building of the Mauser rifle.



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