Solid model on the AR-16 rifle

In my off time, work has been completed on the AR-16 upper receiver right side. In case you don’t remember this rifle it is a 308 predecessor of the AR-180. Only 4 were made and of those only 2 are known to exist. I had the opportunity to photograph one a while back at the Reed Knight collection.

IMG_0010csHere is a close up of the receiver left side.

IMG_0019_sThe right side.

IMG_0178cA close up of the right side


IMG_0213csMr Knight was nice enough to let me look at and photograph them, however I doubt he will let me have one. As I really want one of these in my collection I have taken it upon my self to reverse engineer it to make me one. This is what I worked on this weekend between everything else.

right upper receiver short1

right upper receiver short 4c

right upper receiver short 3cMore to come

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