Shooting the Frankinfal

A while back I picked up a FN-FAL heavy barrel Israel contract rifle that would not work. If you inserted a single round in the chamber and let the bolt close on it the rifle would fire but not eject. If you tried to load the rifle from a magazine it would feel but the bolt would not close fully. In the video you will see that the rifle would not eject.

After looking at the rifle it was decided to just rebuild the gun from the front to the rear. Every part was checked and and measured. The head spacing was way off, the gas piston was bent and the gas tube was also bent, there was an issue with the gas block and we checked all the components of the fire control group.

Now it is a nice shooting rifle. Enjoy this short clip of it working.

3 comments to Shooting the Frankinfal

  • Mac

    My question is HOW did the gas piston and tube get bent? Aren’t those parts protected by the hand guards?

  • Wally

    Chuck, I can’t believe someone would abandon that at your shop. Oh well, their loss my gain! I sure love my new FranenFAL, thanks for getting it running !!

  • Rhett Wiggen

    WOW! “Shooting the FrankinFAL” is BEST GunLab post EVER!!! I’m putting it in for a Pulitzer Prize…
    I’m sending ALL my FrankinFALs to GunLab from now on.
    How long is the turnover time on those?
    Any delivery/shipping issues?

    Your pals in Eastern California (aka “Nevada”, since the last state election).

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