SAR show update

Sorry for the late post on the SAR show, I have just been very tired and busy making up for the lost time in my primary business.

The  really interesting items I got at the show was a Japanese type 96 light machine gun parts kit. There was a gent there selling Japanese type 96, 97, 99, 11 and there copy of the MG-15 parts and magazines. My type 96 was missing a number of small parts and a magazine so I was able to obtain everything I needed to get it back in working order.

I do have a post with pictures of differences in 96 parts coming up.

I also managed to find and buy two pistols that I did not have in the reference collection. A Campo Giro and a Danish model 1910/21 pistol. It is always good to find something that you don’t have for the collection. There will be posts about them as well.

I was hoping to have the first 10 VG1-5’s  ready for the show. That was not meant to be however. While fluting the barrels I managed to break the only fluting tool that we had. Three more fluting tools are now at heat treat and will be here this next week. I need to add stiffing plates to the fluting press and continue on. There is a post coming out on the current state of the VG1-5 project.

Curtis Wolf has once again come up with another interesting historic gun for collectors. In this case it is a semi auto Villar Perosa in 9×19. I have a number of pictures on that and it will be a post this week.

The Pizza party on Saturday night went over very well. About 50 people came and I think everyone had a good time. Everyone left by 12:30 and it was on to the last day of the show.

A number of posts coming this week. Chat with you all soon.

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