Router Table update

I spent most of this weekend working on my router table. The VG1-5 is coming along and one of the major next steps is the stock for the rifle. I need the router table to do this. I did not have much of an opportunity to work on it last weekend, so it was full steam ahead this weekend. I finished all the drawers and built the cabinet.

The three larger drawers need drawer runners and they have not been installed yet.


dsc_2438csI had one set of drawer runners. Now I have to actually but something for this project, 2 more sets.

dsc_2445sWent through my pile of drawer runners and none of them are heavy duty enough.

dsc_2446sThere are enough spots for short and long 1/2 and 1/4 router bits.


dsc_2448sHope to have the drawer runners mounted as well as the trim put on next weekend. I still have to make the table and cut all the openings.

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