Random Info Wednesday

To proceed with the building of the VG1-5 we needed to design and build a barrel chamber fluting machine. With the number of barrels that we need to make to complete the project I needed something that is accurate constantly, has repeatable, is semi automatic in operation and can be used for other rifle projects. This has lead to a variety of different concepts and we are now starting a solid model of the machine. Some of the problems that we have had to work through are how to accurately press in the flutes for the proper depths consistently,  how to hold the barrel accurately and in alignment with the fluting tool, and how to hold the barrel so I can flute and remove the tool with out pulling the barrel out of the fixture. We have solved a few of the problems and still have more to deal with. This is the solid model that I have developed so far. the first set of pictures shows the base assembly using a 6″ lathe chuck.flutting machine2_s

flutting machine_s

This next photo shows the basic assembly.

flutting machine assembly_sStill working on the control method. I would like to put control switches in as well as a DRO. I will be working on that design this weekend. Your comments, ideas and opions are welcome.

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