Parts wanted and for Sale!

Looking for G-43 fire control parts. Hammer,trigger,sear. This is for one of the projects we are working on. A friend of Gun Lab has helped out with this. Thanks

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  • Patrick McCarthy

    RE: AR-180. Morning everyone. I am new to this sight and really enjoy all of the information. I have an assortment of original AR180 parts, including the lower receiver and complete upper assembly, but the one piece that I have not been able to locate is the BOLT CATCH. Anyone have one for sale or is GunLab in the process of making a replacement bolt catch. Thanks..Pat

  • I have an original Sterling AR180 and need a BOLT CATCH. Can anyone help?

  • Ben

    Hello Chuck,

    I just discovered this fantastic website and enjoy it very much.
    I would be very interested in purchasing one of your sets of bipods of the 1st Model FG42 as well as the rear sight. How or where can I order/purchase these items?
    Thanks in advance for your reply.

    Best regards,

  • john

    Hi !

    Just like ben, I just wanted to know if it was possible to purchase a rear sight and bipod legs for a FG42 type 1.
    How or where can I order these items.
    Thanks a lot

    Best regards

  • Shawn

    I see on your web site a AR-180B bolt hold open device are these for sale??? Please email one way or another. Thanks Shawn

  • Keith Hawkins

    Anyone know where I can find the dimensions of the working parts of the Breda 37?
    The one we have at the Royal Air Force Museum London has the return spring and associated metal tubes missing.


  • Paul

    Hi there

    any chance for the Gerat 06 gas op. ( locked ) just the bolt group ?

  • Michael Bernat

    Hey, Chuck,

    I know you’re busy with a lot of other projects, but I haven’t seen any updates on your AR-180 project. I realize this might be on the back-burner for you, but are there plans to make more parts for this weapon system? What’s the scope of the project you are trying to tackle?

    • Chuck

      All the bolt hold open devices have been sent to Rick at We did start on a new upper but that has been pushed back, not enough interest.

      • Rick Saunders

        Does ‘pushed back’ mean back burner for now or probably will not happen?
        I have been waiting to see if the AR180 project would proceed in lieu of trying to “make” my own uppers. Of course the trunion is the kicker.

        • Chuck

          Rick it actually means just pushed back. I have made a couple of stamping dies and it is not coming out the way it needs to. I need to spend more time with the project however there are a number of projects that are more pressing.

  • Rick Saunders

    I’ll keep my fingers crossed.
    If I lived closer I would lend a hand…..sweeping, lapping, and if you are lashing, frapping!
    Happy New Year


  • Mike

    I was looking around the internet in search of a specific part, I need an AR-180b bolt cam pin. I found your site while looking for parts, and I saw that you’ve worked on AR-180 parts in the past. Is there anything you can do to help me?

  • Ian

    Came across the website while looking for information and parts. Read a post titled “SAR Gun Show final report” and saw you acquired a Stoner 63 bolt. Am looking to see if it is still in your possession, if you were willing to sell it, and/or if you had any leads where I can find any additional parts for a rifle variant. Thank you.

    • Chuck

      I still have the bolt as I am looking at it at this moment. I got it at the SAR show and will look for one for you at this coming show if you want. The table that had them did have a number of them.

  • Ian

    Thank you. Please let me know if you do find another or are willing to sell/trade for current. You can contact me at or Thanks again.


  • Jason Gerron

    I want to buy a mp44 trunion

  • Clare A. May

    Any chance your going to make Winchester Model 1910 in .401 cal. magazines?

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