New tool for the wood shop

A while back a gent passed away and his wife was left with a cnc router. A friend of mine had loaned him the money for the router so the wife let him take the router as payement. Long story short he had no use for the router and a little trading went on and now this sets in my wood shop.

DSC_4592sThe table is 3’x5′ which is a perfect size for my little wood shop. All is not perfect though.As you can see there is no dust collector cabinet. This is something that has to be fixed as this little machine will put out more saw dust then I can clean in a week. The next problem is the support stand. It was not part of the original machine but something that was added later and poorly done as well. To give you an idea this is the cross support.

DSC_4599sIt was an aluminum extrusion for a window or door that was cut away to kind of fit and then screwed on to the base leg.

DSC_4595sThe aluminum leg would be fine if they were accurately marked and machines to fit the frame, but they were not. In addition they are not adjustable to allow proper leveling.

DSC_4596s The good news is that it comes with a lot of tooling and tie downs and has mach3. I have had the opportunity to run this machine and it works great. The only machine improvement that I am going to make is raise the z axis to all the use of a 4th axis.

A few more pictures of the new toy.


DSC_4593sI am hoping that this will be a great time saver for the stocks we have to make on the VG1-5 and 05 rifles as well as pattern making for the metal casting I need to do. For those of you that will ask, yes I could have used one of the cnc mills or machining centers to cut wood and I have. The problem with that is the oil that covers the machine tools is not good for the wood parts and the saw dust is not good for the coolant systems.

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  • Loess

    That looks like a handy little machine.

    I’ve seen some hobbiests mount a dust collector hose right to the tool head, with a flexible nozzle around the cutter. A setup like that might help out with fighting the dust this will throw off.

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