Movie clip

I normally do not make posts like this. However, this is so bad it’s just funny. For your viewing enjoyment.

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  • Orin

    Only thing missing is the barn door they were trying to hit…… :>)

  • CP

    The aiming of the fire sticks have got nothing on the flaming grenade thrower. You might think that after the 4th one he would stop launching them 20 feet behind Butch and Sundance there.

    Wait, I thought there were some band members from the group Kiss in that group at the end of the clip.

  • Pete F.

    WOW! Where can I went that movie?
    No, not really.

  • Luke

    i would like to see this movie

  • Nothing like a bunch of Obama supporters getting in a gun fight.

  • Skevlar

    Either they don’t know long guns usually have sights on them or they’ve all been taught “Point Shooting” ? The guy with the headband shoots and the two guys Duck but the two Pony’s right behind them don’t even flinch or get hit, then they guy pulls the grenade pin with his Teeth and it lands and bursts into fire behind about where the Pony’s magically disappear from. Once he stops chucking grenades, the Pony’s magically appear again.

    Then two big groups show up or get in on the action shoot about the same at each other and that all duck in unison ! Not even up to the standard of the old “Spaghetti Westerns” but what are these Indian Westerns called ? Something to do with Curry ? …

  • Jon

    I dodge your bullets! XD

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