More work in the gun room

This weekend was again spent trying to make and install new gun racks for the gun room. Not as much work was accomplished as was hope for, a number for friends showed up with interesting and fun toys to play with and take pictures of. In addition it was my fathers 93 birthday and time was spent with him. I did manage to finish out three more gun racks and moved all the guns in the kitchen and living room back into the gun room.

I happen to like the Martini-Henry rifle and have a couple of them. So, I had a little space by the closet door and thought it would be a great spot for some of them.

DSC_8822sThis gives you a better over all idea of the space I had available.

DSC_8823sI then built the larger gun rack at the end of the room.

DSC_8820sFinally I re-hung some older racks that I took down for the sub-machine gun and semi auto carbines

DSC_8824sThe last of the racks will be built hopefully next weekend.

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