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As we were putting books, files and magazines up in the new library I came across a few interesting concept pictures on the AR-16. The rifle was design to be convertible to different calibers.

This first picture is from an old magazine showing a line drawing of the concept.

ar-16 concept-cs

This concept will work because the pivot point between the upper and lower receiver is behind the magazine and not in front of the magazine.

AR161A00_Page_3 cropsmallThis last picture actually came from a pile of Armalite documents. It shows the notes concerning the various caliber conversions.


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  • Kerwin Kerr

    The AR16 is a very viable 7.62 NATO rifle design. The main weakness on the AR18 it’s follow up was it’s wimpy folding stock. It was a joke! Also the AR18 used a proprietary magazine which was similar to the AR-15/M16 STANAG magazine but had to have machined slot on the right side of the mag so the magazine catch could hold it in the rifle. My suggestion to anyone building an AR16 prototype: Weld a 3/16-24 nut to the rear of the lower receiver to fasten a conventional polymer or wood stock with a bolt or else use a decent folder design copied from a Galil or Daewoo. Also use a magazine off of a DPMS LR308 which are readily available.

  • Carl W

    I’ve built a lower for a 180 upper I acquired from a puzzle piece AR-15 lower…
    It uses AR-15 mags and fire control parts and has a fixed AR70 stock…
    I like it so much I’m 1/2 way finished with a 75% from scratch AR-180 and working on a .308 version that will be 100% from scratch and along the lines of a AR-12…
    I hope Chuck builds some AR-16’s for sale I’d really like to have one…
    Here is a link to a video of my son shooting the 180 build and some of my other creations…

  • Dan E

    thanks for the pictures, AR16 is interesting.

  • Mr. Chubbins

    On the second photo, just to the left of the handguard attached to the upper and just in front of mag well: what is that U shaped piece for?

  • Steve Little

    The AR-16 is one of those rifles I always wanted to own, but that is a group of 1 I believe. (Not one rifle, one collector)

    I would love to see someone come up with a semi auto report on that one. I would definitely be in line.

    The DPMS mag is a great suggestion, as it pretty much looks like the magazine in the images of the early AR-16.

  • noel

    I have a scan of an old AR-16 article, send me an email Ill fwd it


    I would love to have an AR16. Keep up the work.

  • Kerwin Kerr

    The AR-16 for the most part is a well thought out design. It uses steel stamped receiver components which are excellent for mass production. Of course it can stand some improvements. A Picatinny rail on top of the receiver is a very good idea as well as one along the barrel. Use of an AR-15 fire control group is expedient. I was leery of this at first because the original AR-10 had a much larger hammer then the AR-15’s. On my DPMS LR308 I’ve noticed a few failures to fire on hard military primers. However AR-10 with the AR-15 fire control groups have been around for many years now without much negative feedback, I think. The use of the DPMS .308 magazine is a no brainer, I think. One of the reason why the AR-18 was a flop was because of it’s proprietary magazine! An improved stock should be designed. The original AR-18 folding stock was a joke! If you wish to use a folding stock design you only need to look at the Israeli Galil or the Daewoo K2. Both have extremely robust folding stocks. Either one should be usable. A wooden or polymer conventional stock is also an option. It should be fastened on with a 3/8″ or 10mm bolt thru the tool compartment for maximum rigidity not with wood screw thru the stock tangs like on an AK47.

  • Kerwin Kerr

    One more note. The designing of a forward cocking lever which could be reversed is not a bad upgrade idea. These can be either reciprocating or nonreciprocating. Some shooters don’t like the reciprocating systems and others do.

  • Kerwin Kerr

    All my previous comments on the AR16 still stand. Is anyone planning to build one?

  • Robert Koss

    Put me down for one aswell. Don’t forget to show us some pic of your progress! :)

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