Mondays update 10-27

With the SAR show coming up quick the main push at Gun Lab is to finish out the VG1-5 project. Not all the rifles will be built prior to SAR, but the parts will be completed and the first 3 rifles will be completed. That is my goal at least. So right now we are going over every parts and finishing every detail as working on the barrel fluting press. To that end is what this post is about.  The first picture is of the front barrel support with its final locking notch cut in.

DSC_2586swThe next picture is of the push pin that locks everything together. We needed to cut in a hole and slot for the retaining spring, still to be made.

DSC_2589cswAll the holes have been drilled and reamer on the lower 1/2 of the fluting back plate. The next components made for the fluting machine are the support and gussets for the 3 jaw chuck.

DSC_2581swand a side view of the same assembly.

DSC_2583swWe also finished the lower support for the hydraulic cylinder.

DSC_2579swI hope to cut the slots and machine the sides parallel on the back plate in the next few days. Keep checking back for up dates.

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