Interesting Mexican pistol

While on this trip I had the opportunity to look at a number of interesting pistols. As I have a think for single shot inexpensive pistols when I had the chance to look and photograph a  Mendoza pistol ( the same company that brought you the light machine gun and sub-machine gun)  I jumped at the opportunity. This  is a Rafael Mendoza, Productos Mendoza, S.A. This pistol was mad for the general Mexican population until they changed the law and for the most part banded the private ownership of weapons.  It was made to look like a 6 shot single action revolver but was really only a single shot pistol in 22lr. It had spots on both sides to hold 3 rounds per side. The majority of the pistol was plastic with the barrel, locking block and fire control mechanism being made of metal. My friend John D. had two copies of the pistol that he let me photograph.


here are a series of close up pictures of the pistol.

DSC_1364csWith these pictures you can see the simple and basic breach block.







DSC_1357csI find this type of weapon interesting hope you do as well. If anyone has any pictures of simple and basic 22 pistols I would love to see them and publish them as well. Thanks

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