A rifle that I have been interested in for quite some time is the EM-2. It is one of those rare rifles that you read about but generally don’t have a chance to see, examine or shoot. I have had the opportunity to do all three.

To start all of the rifles came with a fitted wooden box holding the rifle and it’s accessories.

david's collection 009_sYou will notice that it comes with 6 magazines,bayonet,sling,grenade launcher, cleaning kit and winter trigger,which is missing from this box. It just looks like the center piece for a gun collection.

So lets chat about this set up.

First thing is that the rifle is a bull pup design and was initially made in .280 and later made in what was to become the NATO standard, 7.62×51.Here is a picture of the two of them together.

visser 059 - Copy_sThis rifle that was are looking at is the NATO standard version.

david's collection 053cs

david's collection 064csOne of the first things you notice is the wood veneer on the rifle receiver where you rest you cheek. With the machining and wood veneer it looks more like a custom built sporting rifle then a military contract rifle.

david's collection 069swThe next item that really sticks out is the low power scope that comes attached to the rifle.

david's collection 062swAnother component that sticks out is the beautifully made hand guard.

david's collection 033s Now to leave the art portion of this weapon to the more practical. The grenade launching sights are built in and the front sight automatically cuts of the gas system.

david's collection 034sAnd the rear sight is built is as well.

david's collection 036swThe safety is in a well design location, in front of the trigger guard.

david's collection 063swThe cartridge deflector is machined into the receiver.

david's collection 158sw

The machining on this rifle is something to admire.

david's collection 163s

david's collection 162sdavid's collection 156s

Here is a video for papa Joe of me shooting the EM-2. Enjoy papa Joe you could have come with me.


Stay tune for the next part of the EM-2 saga.


17 comments to EM-2

  • Joe

    That is just wrong….

  • juver

    next on gunlabs lets build a EM-2

  • John D.

    Not a lot of muzzle rise for a full auto 7.62x51mm infantry rifle!

  • john

    In reply to John D I have fired an EM2 a lot and can say that it is the only full power rifle that does not climb significantly in fully auto, the worst is probably the FN 49.
    The EM2 “manual” sights can also be used if the scope is damaged

    • Ryan

      What did the scope reticle look like?

      • iac

        @ Ryan
        There were apparently 2 scope reticles.
        #1 was a simple heavy post pointing UP from 6’oclock. Meant to be placed on point-of-aim; there was a range adjusting knob on the side. It actually folded down inside protective ears when not needed.
        #2 was a fixed scope that had a heavy post that pointed DOWN from 12’oclock. Shooting an enemy at 100 yds was done by putting the post at center mass. Range estimation at 3, 5, 7 & 900 yds was done by bracketing the enemy’s chest between a set of spaced lines, like a modern deer or military scope. See below for example. Also, go to Forgotten Weapons- EM2 Rifle to down load an old manual that shows this better. Cheers, IAC.
        3— —
        5— —
        7— —

        • iac

          FYI Sir, my spacings between the ranging lines above were eliminated by the computer!
          There is supposed to be a larger space between the 300 line than 500, and a larger space at 500 than 700 yards; showing the target appearing smaller as it gets farther away

        • Ryan

          Thanks was always curious about it, and for some reason i have a real interest in military scopes and reticle’s

  • Rufus Chucklebutty

    Only having got my hands on one once, I just remember how beutifully balanced, and well made it was, and the machining involved is just daft, would it have been mass produce- able at any realistic cost ?

    The EM 2 bullpup project ended up as the SA80, in my view the worst attempt at an assault rifle ever manufactured, and going by the zero export sales, everyone else’s as well. I am just waiting for Ian to do a review on one.

    I cringed at that fellas range safety by the way.

    • martin

      The SA80 was a product of its time. Main parts of it’s design were stolen from Sterling, even prototypes at military exhibitions were see to be made from Sterling parts when examined by Sterling employees.
      The design and manufacture were done at absolute minimum expense and forced on the armed forces for political reasons( to keep Royal Ordnance in work).

  • Bob Benson

    I have had a deeply felt longing for a EM2 in the original smaller caliber sense I first saw one. Thank you for showing it. If that box shows up at my door I wouldn’t even show it to my friends (no need to cause envy). I would just sit in the basement and admire it.

  • Reg

    I would definitely be interested in a replica Chuck.
    6.8 SPC sounds about right as has very similar ballistic properties to the original 280 British for which the EM2 was designed.

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