AR-180b upper receiver

Here At Gun Lab we actually have a number of projects going on. While we are waiting for our heat treating to come back for the VG1-5 and AR-180b parts we started on the AR-180B upper receiver. This receiver is design to fit on the Nodak-Spud lower as well as the AR-180B lower and the […]

Making the VG1-5 cocking handle

Sunday was spent bending all the cocking handles for the VG1-5 project. These are the steps necessary to accomplish that task.

step 1

Step 2

step 3

step 4

The complete process.

This is the video taken to accomplish this part.



Update on the cnc router

In a past post you were shown a solid model picture of what the new base would look like.

You were also shown a picture of the parts being milled to correct size.

Here are a few pictures of the parts after they were cut and tapped.

These are the legs and cross […]

Upgrading the cnc router

While messing around with the cnc router a number of problems were noted. Part of this last week and into next week we are correcting these problems and upgrading the router.

First on the list is a new table for the router. The original one has so much movement that we actually have chatter marks […]

Weekend up date 3-23-15

Busy weekend. A number of small and large projects were completed this weekend so lets get to the list.

The first was completing the painting in the fab shop. This is what it looked like.

And this is how it looks now.

I hope to work on the last of the lighting next weekend.

The […]

New tool for the wood shop

A while back a gent passed away and his wife was left with a cnc router. A friend of mine had loaned him the money for the router so the wife let him take the router as payement. Long story short he had no use for the router and a little trading went on and […]

Fluting machine up date

More work has been completed on the fluting machine.The tool holder and guide pin have been machined and installed.

A close up of the tool holder with the broaching tool installed.

The 3 jaw chuck has been machined for the barrel to fit into.

Next on the list is finish the hydraulics and […]

Fluting Press

More progress has been made on the fluting press. We have most of the mechanical components made. I will be starting the hydraulics and digital read out soon.

A couple of views of the fluting machine mounted.

Close up of the tool holder. Still a little work to be done to this

The adjustable […]

Weekend update 1-19-15

Well it was another fun weekend around Gun Lab. This was the list I worked out during the week to be completed this weekend.

The 4″ conduit was run around the wood shop as well as the rest of the 2″ and 1″ and we buried it in preparation for the next phase.


VG1-5 magazine release button.

In this post we are going to show you how the magazine release button is made. We start with a laser cut washer.

Okay over 100 laser cut washers.

Then run them through the pressing tool that forms them to the shape we need.

After this step they look like this.

One hundred later […]