Beretta AR-70 magazine modifications

A couple of years ago I bought a Beretta AR-70 rifle for the reference collection. This was before the availability of replacement magazines for the rifle. Because of the total lack of spare magazines in this country people came up with ingenious ideas to modify existing magazines to allow them to shoot there rifles. I find it interesting to see how they did the modification. You never know about the future and what it holds for available magazines.

For those of you that may not know what an AR-70 rifle is, here are a couple of pictures of the weapon.




When I bought my rifle it came with a modified AR-15 magazine. So this is my first example of magazine modification.

What was done was to weld a piece of aluminum to the front and side of the magazine. Then they attached a locking notch on the rear of the magazine. The strip that was weld on the front allowed for positioning the magazine in the front of the magazine well for proper feeding. This was had fitted after it was welded on.


DSC_9363csA couple of close up pictures of the conversion. You will notice that the side spacer was welded on one side one. Even doing this the magazine worked correctly.


DSC_9368csYou can also see that no magazine stops are present on the side of the magazine.


Later I was able to obtain original rifle magazines. This is what an original AR-70 magazine looks like.


DSC_9325csThis close up shows the magazine stops and what the magazine latch block looks like.

DSC_9326csA close up review of this magazine shows four components for the  magazine body. The right and left sides of the body, the wrap around upper support assembly with the feed lips incorporated into it as well as the stops that are pressed in. The final part that was added was the magazine latch block of the rear of the magazine.


Pete, a friend of Gun Lab, sent this AR-15 magazine modification. This is a very nicely done conversion. It allows the magazine, with a bit of work, to be converted back to its original design. What was done with this magazine was to make a sheet metal housing to fit around the original AR-15 magazine to allow it to fit and operate in an AR-70 magazine housing.


DSC_9333csYou can see in this picture that the housing was hand fitted to the rifle.



DSC_9351csYou will notice that with the fitted housing that the front of the sheet metal has been machined away to allow proper fit into the rifle as well as allowing for proper lock up in the front of the magazine well.



Here are a couple of pictures showing all the magazines together for a better overall understanding.



DSC_9349csAs with all magazines that had been modified for use there is a certain amount of hand fitting that goes with the project.




12 comments to Beretta AR-70 magazine modifications

  • Pete

    Good writeup and pics as usual Chuck!


  • Storm

    Excellent article. How is the reliability?

  • Great modification, Yeah I would also like to know how is the reliability? Did you experience any problems while using it?

  • Jeremy

    How can I get some of these adapters?

  • Cool mod, I will try to do the same thing with my ar70. The problem is where do I get those extensions.

  • Owen


    are these AR 70 adaptors being made commercially? How can I get them? I am not too good at working with sheet metal –


  • Marco

    Is it possible to buy 5 of these adaptors? Please let me know. Many thanks. Best regards

  • Unfortunately I got a few of those a long time ago. I was never able to get in contact with the guy that made them after that.

  • nikkon


    There is now a new product that is certain to put a smile on Beretta AR-70 owners faces. The new product is called the AR-1570 and allows for “legal” magazines for the AR-15/M-16 to fit the Beretta AR-70. The new adapter does not modify either the magazine or the weapon. It is a sheet metal sleeve that slips on to any aluminum AR-15 type magazines and locks firmly in place. The “AR-1570” is made from 1020 cold rolled steel in 4 operations. The lug in the back, for the mag latch, is formed from high strength low alloy steel used in the auto industry for door latches. The front is seam welded with a “tig” weld, as is the lug on the back. The adapters feature a blued finish that matches the AR-70 finish very well. The adapters are designed to stay with the magazine for the life of the mag. They can be removed but it is neither quick nor easy as these are designed to fit very securely. The price for the new adapters will be about $10.00 each, plus shipping. With prices on AR-70 magazines in the $100.00 + range this will allow the Beretta AR-70 owner to save about $80.00 each on their magazines! For more information or to place an order contact; Gary Schmitz at Schmitz Corp., Dept. SAR, P.O. Box 18, Fowler, MI 48835. Phone: 1-517-593-2827. You can also e-mail him at

  • Marco

    Thanks for the link. I tried to write him but the server advised me that “; Failed; 5.1.1 (bad destination mailbox address)”… Please, does anybody of You know the new address or if Mr. Schmitz is still in activity? Many thanks. Best regards

  • Lying bastard

    Someone at weaponsguild created and presented the design of one of those plates and then found out someone else copied the design verbatim and was selling the adapter plates on gunbroker. You may be able to still find it at gunbroker.

  • loris becchi

    Good morning Gun Lab
    I’m Loris , an Italian shooter.
    In Italy (it’s incredible but true!!!!???) is impossible found an AR 70 magazine 30rds.
    Could you help me?
    BR and tks a lot!!!

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