Barrel cleaning.

I bought a large quantity of MG-13 and 15 barrels a while back. They were bought for the VG1-5, the 05, the 06 and any other 7.92×33 rifle project that I could think of. The first batch of 25 that I got when I cleaned them up were like new barrels. So like an idiot I thought all of them would be that way. After we did the first couple of ops on them we found a bad one. The work was halted and this last Saturday I cleaned the bores on every barrel I had.

The first thing to do was set up a solvent soaking tank . This was dome out side because of the fumes.


Next the cut barrels were cleaned and the bad ones separated from the good. The good news is that most of the barrels that we cut were good.

DSC_8141sThe bad news is that some of them were not.

DSC_8142wsThen all the rest of the barrels were cleaned and checked.


DSC_8145wsThe bad barrels with not be used as barrels but the steel is still good so I will use them for other things. The okay but not great barrels with be used for some odd project for my self. All in all how much fun can you have spending a day cleaning barrels, 150 of them. My hands still hurt.



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