Archive Photo.

This is another in a series of pictures that I took over 20 years ago. I had and still have a thing about artillery I have always wanted a piece of artillery of my own but never seem to have the funds available when they came up for sale. So for now I will just take pictures of them.


scan0007_Page_10c1sThis cannon was just to cute not to take pictures of it.

3 comments to Archive Photo.

  • Joe

    I have the same problem. Still looking for a small piece of artillery for the office!

  • Alphawolf45

    I sure admire that cannon.. Is there a name for it that could be searched for more pictures? Although a ramrod is leaning against it, it does appear to be a breech loaded gun and breech rotates to lock in place.. I’d maybe build a small replica of it if I had enough pictures to understand how it functions.

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