AR-180 part 4

With this post we are going to discuss the stock.

The first set of pictures will be the plastic stock. You can see the parting line on the stock from where it was injected molded.


DSC_2390csThis is a picture of a completed and mounted stock showing the same area.

DSC_3302csA close up of the stock mounting piece as stamped.





DSC_2393csThis is a picture with the butt plate attached.


This is the blanking operation to start with the making of the stock latch.


This is the pattern and stock blank for the wood stock ar-180

DSC_2399cThe actual wood stock. I did not even know that Armalite made a wood stock AR-180

DSC_2405csIf anyone has a wood stock AR-180 I would love to post pictures of it.

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