Another weekend and always to much to do

The majority of this weekend was set aside to getting ready for the SAR show. New gun racks have been built and set up, the 22 room has had the moveable book cases moved to the library, a storage rack is being built for my gunsmithing area and prep work was accomplished for work on the cannon and some serious iron work. most of the pictures were taken after normal work hours here at gun lab, actually the workers were threatening to riot.

First is the racks for the boy’s rifles. There will be another one hung up next weekend.

IMG_2841sThen I started on a gun rack in my shop for project guns.


IMG_2852sThis is to store the general gunsmithing projects that I need to complete.

IMG_2854sA friend of gun lab is helping me with some iron work for a new addition. There was a lot of prepping being done as next weekend I have a fork lift coming coming in. A great deal of lifting and rigging equipment has been per-positioned for the upcoming task.




IMG_2849sAll of it is heavy.

2 comments to Another weekend and always to much to do

  • Rhett Wiggen

    Nice additions! Are the rooms to be named after our heroes (“Woodend Suite”, “Faris Hall”, “Goldsmith Gallery”, “Bing Bathrooms”, etc.)?
    Next thing ya know Ian Skennerton will want to charge you to bring an international tour of gun geeks through your exhibit hall!!

    My FrankenFAL is running beautifully thanks to you…

  • Bradley

    Mercury 22 tube feed holds 21 or and 13 short Rigel

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