Weekend update for 7-10-16

Every weekend I have a list of projects that I want to do. Generally I can get through only 15% of what is on my list. This weekend it was even less then that.

With the summer heat this year, generally the same every year, it has just gotten to me for some reason. Probably due the A/C going out in the clean room and in the wood shop. Both of the units were small and really over taxed but they kept the temperatures down enough that you did not feel like you were sweating to death in the shop. Starting last weekend I made the decision to actually install heat pumps in both shops. The duct work has always been there but it was designed for an evap unit and not actual A/C. That is out after the serious rust issue that I have been dealing with.

Last weekend I ran the new wire for the 4 ton unit for the machine shop. This weekend my wife bought it and we unloaded it from the back of my pickup truck. With the backhoe still down it was another fun filled exciting weekend . It is how ever down on the ground and wired in both power and control.


The duct people will be out this week so I can do up drawings and these I will have made.

For the wood shop it needed a little more work. I first had to get a slab down for it and for the size that meant that I could not order it in it had to be mixed on site all 35 bags. However it is now done and that A/C unit will be picked up this week and put on the pad.



Still dealing with the heat and the fact that the fab shop will be coming soon on the shop to work in list it was decided to get the evaps working in there. This is one of those projects to complete at step “Z” you first had to start at step “A”. The fab shop had gotten a little out of hand in the past couple of months. The first step was to store somewhere all the cabinet fronts that I demo out of a house, these will be used in the wood shop.



Then a total clean up and up away project commenced. All the casting equipment had to be stored away as well as all the tools laying about.

DSC_0329sYou can actually walk down the isles.


Then the new sheet metal ducts that we did a while back had to be installed and the evap coolers flashing installed and coated down. The the evaps were moved into place.


DSC_0332sDesigning and making duct work is not my strong suite.

DSC_0333sThe evaps just setting on the roof.

DSC_0320sThe first evap installed.

DSC_0334sA better picture showing both evaps installed

DSC_0335sSo then what did not get done off the list. Well first is the parts that I wanted to make on the 3d printer. I did not get to make the AR-16 pistol grip on the stock duplicator off of the 3D print that I wanted to make. I also did not fire up the wire EDM. I finally finished writing a cutting program for it. I also have not finished the water system for the fab shop evap coolers. I did get the duplicator moved but did not finish the dust system for it.

I also have not finished the video’s that I have been working on or the gun post that are setting on my computer.

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